# About Roper Engineering 🇨🇿

Roper Engineering s.r.o. located in Ostrava is the development and production center of Struers. Roper Engineering s.r.o. is a company supporting development and production activities of other companies in the Roper Technologies group. The main company is Struers ApS (opens new window), which is a world leader in the production of equipment and consumables for the preparation of metallographic samples.

Roper Engineering also cooperates on development projects with the University of Ostrava. We also has long used cooperation with local students on tasks in the field of testing laboratory equipment, or the development of electronics and programming.

Struers building, Roper Engineering Ostrava residence

# History of Roper Engineering s.r.o.

  • 2004 - Company was founded in September 2004 by American company Roper Industries and have longterm cooperation with affiliated companies from Europe and North America.
  • 2011 - Start of reconstruction of production facilities
  • 2015 - Moving to new Struers building, which is the seat to this day

# Our offices